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Criminal Defense

An effective defense strategy is critical when you are facing a criminal charge. From fielding an unexpected and unwelcome call from an investigator to being arrested and coming face to face with the overwhelming power and indifference of the State, the criminal justice system is complicated, confusing, and constantly working against you.

Family Law

Nothing is more personal or tumultuous than when family and the law intersect. You need a compassionate, understanding, and hardworking attorney who will listen to your concerns and prioritize your feelings when it comes to how you want your case handled.

Personal Injury

Preventable accidents happen every day. If you have been injured, we can help you analyze your case and demand compensation from the people at fault.


Avoid lengthy, expensive litigation. Create an agreeable solution for your civil dispute, and keep your case private.


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Davis, Chapman, & Wilder, LLC is a law firm in Augusta, Georgia focused on criminal defensefamily law, and personal injury. We are competitive, competent, and compassionate attorneys who are focused on providing the best possible representation for our clients.

Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, education, and teamwork. The goal of our firm is to provide consistent and exemplary representation to each client. We understand that our clients come to us in times of great personal distress and face severe potential consequences. We strive to provide compassionate and thorough representation and counseling. We assist our clients in collecting monetary compensation for their personal losses, traversing the intricacies of divorce and child custody proceedings, protecting them from lengthy prison sentences, navigating the licensing and housing consequences of criminal convictions, and more.

Our attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers who work together to ensure that each client receives exceptional representation. With decades of collective experience as criminal defense attorneys in Augusta, Georgia, our lawyers know the law, the courts, and the local prosecutors. Not only do we have the skill to expertly negotiate cases on our clients’ behalf, but we are also prepared to zealously represent our clients in a trial when necessary. If you have been charged with a crime, call our office immediately to speak with one of our lawyers about your case. Do not delay when your liberty is at stake.

The trial and negotiation skills our attorneys possess also give our family law clients the comfort of knowing that their interests are being fiercely protected during divorce or child custody proceedings. At our firm, we care about our clients, and our clients know that we advocate for them at every step. We provide customized representation for our clients, making sure that you have access to an attorney when you need advice. Our family law attorneys handle the full spectrum of domestic relations matters from divorce, child custody, child support, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, contempt actions, paternity, legitimation, and adoption.

Sometimes our clients come to us not because they have a legal matter pending but because they or someone they love has been injured and they do not know what to do next. Unfortunately, your life can change in an instant because of the actions of others. When something like that happens, whether the injury is a result of a car accident, an incident at your child’s daycare, a work-related accident, or negligence during medical treatment, the advice and direction of a knowledgeable attorney can be instrumental in ensuring that you receive fair compensation from the insurance company or at-fault party. Contact our office right away if you’ve suffered a loss. Our personal injury lawyers are here to help.


If you are charged with a crime, whether it be a drug charge, a violent felony, a theft, a DUI, or a misdemeanor, or you’re going through the difficult phase of separation, or you’ve suffered an injury, you need the assistance of qualified attorneys who can represent you in your case and resolve it on time.

At Davis, Chapman, & Wilder, LLC, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of the legal system and understand the state and federal criminal laws that may apply to them. We are a team of competent and successful criminal defense lawyers able to handle your legal problems and provide zealous, effective representation in the local, state, or federal courts. 

We represent people in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, and family law. Request a case evaluation and learn how we can help you to protect your rights and be successful in court.

Why Hire Criminal Defense Attorneys from Davis, Chapman, & Wilder, LLC? 

We Are Experienced

There is no substitute for experience. Being a leading law firm, we bring 30+ years of collective experience to defending our clients who are charged with crimes. Our expert criminal defense attorneys can present you in the best light possible no matter what your charge. From probation violations, thefts, DUIs, and traffic offenses to family violence, aggravated assaults, drug possession, and sex crimes, our criminal defense lawyers have handled them and are ready to use their experience to your advantage.

We Respect Confidentiality

We understand that legal matters are sensitive and confidential. Right from the initial consultation through the entire litigation phase and after, we assure you that your case details will never be disclosed to third parties unless you, the client, authorize it. 

We Are Proactive

As soon as you hire our criminal defense lawyers, we start analyzing the case, interviewing the appropriate parties, and researching the relevant caselaw. We’ll ask specific questions to narrow down the strengths and weaknesses of your case and prepare a detailed case theory to provide you the best possible defense. 

Specialization in Criminal Defense Cases

We’ve defended thousands of clients charged with criminal cases like theft, reckless driving, vandalism, DUI, domestic violence, and more. We are experienced in challenging evidence, recognizing flaws in the State’s case, and asserting the client’s rights in the courtroom to achieve favorable results.


If you need assistance from competent criminal lawyers in Augusta GA, we are all set to assist you. Fill this form today to request for a confidential initial consultation.