Criminal Defense Lawyers in Augusta, GA

Criminal Defense

An effective defense strategy is critical when you are facing a criminal charge. From fielding an unexpected and unwelcome call from an investigator to being arrested and coming face to face with the overwhelming power and indifference of the State, the criminal justice system is complicated, confusing, and constantly working against you.

Family Law

Nothing is more personal or tumultuous than when family and the law intersect. You need a compassionate, understanding, and hardworking attorney who will listen to your concerns and prioritize your feelings when it comes to how you want your case handled.

Personal Injury

Preventable accidents happen every day. If you have been injured, we can help you analyze your case and demand compensation from the people at fault.


Avoid lengthy, expensive litigation. Create an agreeable solution for your civil dispute, and keep your case private.


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Davis, Chapman, & Wilder, LLC is a law firm in Augusta, Georgia focused on criminal defense, family law, and personal injury. We are competitive, competent, and compassionate attorneys who are focused on providing the best possible representation for our clients.

Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, education, and teamwork. The goal of our firm is to provide consistent and exemplary representation to each client. We understand that our clients come to us in times of great personal distress and face severe potential consequences. We strive to provide compassionate and thorough representation and counseling. Our clients’ struggles range from collecting monetary compensation and navigating driver’s license and housing consequences to facing lengthy prison sentences.



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