Mediation is an ideal process for opposing parties who are afraid of going to court and “losing everything”. The mediator serves as a neutral party who facilitates a discussion between opposing parties, identifies the key issues, and finds practical ways to resolve the conflict.

By going to court and leaving the final decision in the hands of a judge or jury, both parties are taking a risk as to the outcome of the case. Mediation is risk-free because the mediator has no authority to impose a decision. That means that no decisions will be made unless both parties are in agreement. Therefore, mediation leaves the decision power in the hands of the parties.

As an Augusta mediator, Kimberly Wilder is dedicated to helping you find the right solution. Her goal in each mediation is to lead the parties to a successful settlement. Her mediation services are available for civil litigation matters, including:

Legal Mediation Services in Augusta, GA

· Landlord/Tenant Disputes
· Personal injury
· Workers’ Compensation
· Premises liability
· Contract disputes
· Wrongful termination
· Sexual harassment
· Discrimination
· Property damage claims
· Wills, Trusts, & Estates

If you need a mediator in Augusta, contact Davis, Chapman, & Wilder, LLC. We stand ready to dedicate our time and best efforts toward helping all parties arrive at the best possible outcome for their dispute.